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Simply Complex Media Productions (SimComMedia) produces high end media for those looking to expand their mindshare and brand. From fashion to corporate to personal media, SimComMedia creates content by working directly with clients to turn their vision into a tangible product. Every element of our projects are created in-house and tailored to the specific needs of clients.

SimComMedia is owned and operated by Tim Colomba who attended Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Waltham, Massachusetts. While attending school, Tim learned not only how to produce video media but also used the skills he acquired to cultivate his interest in photography and to uncap his musical ability by learning of the vast possibilities that digital music production offered. Always having a passion for music, Tim began creating song after song in all different genres and now incorporates his music into his production work.

Whether shooting portraits, filming a fashion video, creating a new soundtrack, or creating a corporate recruitment video, Tim utilizes his experience in different forms of art to create products that are infused with his style. He loves to connect with people to uncover the stories and target the goals for what his clients are looking to create. 

You can connect with Tim easily through email using tim@simcommedia.com, by phone at (617)694-3543, or via social media @simcommedia on various platforms.